About Us

We celebrate the many ways each of us brightens our lives when we brighten our spaces, and we work every day to inspire people to make their homes as distinctive, beautiful, and captivating as they are.

Our vision

Lifting people’s quality of life with light

We're passionate about inspiring people to make the most of lighting. The tradition and passion for great lighting combined with world-class technology enables us to deliver a wide range of products with a superior combination of lasting quality, great design and user-friendly functionality - at competitive prices.

it has been our goal to deliver quality lighting at attractive prices.

About us

Brillilume manufactures and sells interior lighting in the premium segment to retailers (consumers), architects, and company-unique collections. Whether consumers are pursuing classic style or focusing on fashionable design, they can find satisfactory lighting options in this series.

We have a strong product supply chain, which means there are more choices and more suitable prices, and we always guarantee product quality.


We promise

At, we take pride in having served over 100,000 families with our premium lighting solutions. Our payment method of choice is credit card, ensuring seamless and secure transactions for our valued customers. We stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction with a solemn promise: if you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the product, no questions asked. Should any issues arise with your product, rest assured it can be returned hassle-free. We guarantee that all packages will reach their destination within the agreed timeframe, ensuring 100% delivery reliability. In the rare event that a package doesn't arrive or if any complications arise, customers have the option to apply for a credit card chargeback and receive a full refund. We strive to provide a risk-free shopping experience for all our customers, but encourage you to reach out to us first before contacting your bank. If we're unable to resolve your issue, you can always pursue a refund through your bank. At, we remain steadfast in our commitment to selling lamps in accordance with all legal and regulatory standards.


We try to inspire our customers to discover and express their own unique style, and we offer a variety of styles so every customer can find something that's right for them—from traditional to contemporary, rustic to coastal, and more.

We have an impressive selection of lighting fixtures and accessories from hundreds of manufacturers. We offer over 1,000 products including indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and home décor. We offer a wide range of indoor lighting products such as pendant lamps, table lamps and wall lamps.


Standardized, Modified, Customized.

In addition to our standardized product range, we offer custom-made lighting for contracts and private-label articles for retailers. We have our factory, which empowers us to be flexible and competitive.

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